Hoffman Video Samples

Affordable, Custom, Live-Action Video

Hoffman Power Consulting now produces high-quality, live-action HD videos – at a price you can afford. These are NOT cartoons, talking heads, white boards, or hand-drawn videos. They are real live people in live action. Use them to demonstrate your thought leadership, market a product, announce an event, and more. See the samples below and imagine what you can do with these. See the video samples below, read our article about The New Era of Video, and imagine what you can do with affordable, live-action video.

The Customer Benefits of Effective Electric Rates

This video describes how electricity customers can benefit from recently-demonstrated dynamic electricity rates. Learn how these rates provide what every utility customer wants: a stable electricity bill and lower costs. Learn how this new technology has been successfully demonstrated multiple times in California. Hoffman Power Consulting produced this video for TeMix – developers of the dynamic rate system demonstrated in California. Southern California Edison features this video on its “SCE Dynamic Rate Pilot” page.

Beyond Resilience in the Age of Extremes

Learn about six electric power industry solutions that simultaneously enhance power system resilience, help the industry decarbonize, and improve everyday operation and affordability. What solutions could possibly do all that? Find out in this video. Is your utility implementing all six of these, in ways that realize all of these benefits? If you serve the utility industry, are you marketing your solutions to solve these top three utility challenges?

A Roadmap to 100% Clean Energy?

This long-form video (18 minutes) demonstrates a compelling way to delve more deeply into a subject area using custom, live-action video. It’s an example of how to demonstrate thought-leadership and/or provide comprehensive information for business and technical audiences interested in learning more. Hoffman Power Consulting produced this video – surprisingly affordable for its length and sophistication – for a leading electric power industry client (TeMix), which has posted it on its website.

Crisis Communications in the Age of Extremes

This video highlights leading practices that electric utilities use to enhance their crisis communications as they face extreme weather, wildfires, and other threats in increasing frequency and intensity. Learn how these practices have evolved dramatically in the last two years. Is your utility applying all of these leading practices? If you serve the utility industry, are you helping utilities improve their crisis communications in all of these ways? Find out now.

Microgrid: Resilience Superhero?

This thought-leadership video highlights the role of microgrids to enhance electric power system resilience. It also describes the importance of effective communication in the planning and execution of microgrid projects with a broad range of stakeholders, including microgrid hosts/operators, microgrid system integrators, regulatory agencies, communities, government, electric utilities, and others.