Hoffman Writing and Design Samples

1,000+ Client Deliverables, and Counting…

Over the last 35 years, Hoffman Power Consulting has created more than 1,000 client-tailored technical and marketing documents in the electric power industry. These include white papers, client reports, articles, presentations, infographics, blogs, videos, and much more. Following is a representative sampling of these deliverables. Click here to see sample videos.


Semiconductor Fab Industry Business/Electric Power Challenges and Solutions

Hoffman produced this flagship guide in Schneider Electric’s business segment for the semiconductor industry. The guide describes leading practices for the industry to address broad challenges, including meeting sustainability goals, improving power reliability, mitigating supply chain issues, reducing energy costs, and others. Hoffman interviewed 20 Schneider personnel across the world, wrote the guide, produced the illustrations, and delivered the final document layout.


Grid to Prosumer Approach to DER Management

Schneider Electric retained Hoffman to develop this cornerstone guide for a high-visibility new corporate initiative: “Grid to Prosumer.” Prominently announced and distributed to the media, analysts, utilities, and others at DistribuTECH 2022, this industry-leading, comprehensive guide describes electric power industry solutions and an end-to-end approach to distributed energy resource (DER) management.


Value-Driven Grid Data Management

“Hoffman Power Consulting’s dedication to quality sets them apart. Hoffman came in on time, on budget, and with a level of professionalism and a reliably positive attitude that made every one of my stakeholders want to work with them again.

“From the interviews, to distilling complex information, to the illustrations and layout, Hoffman made it easy. We got exactly what we wanted, and I’m looking forward to our next project together.”

— Ed Jarvis, Global Thought Leadership Manager, Power Systems & Services, Schneider Electric


5 Keys to Effectively Managing the Power Grid with AI

How can stakeholders in the electric power industry enhance grid resilience, more rapidly decarbonize, and significantly improve the affordability of delivered electricity? This white paper describes five artificial intelligence-powered solutions that deliver these benefits; illustrates how AI applied to grid management holds the key to a cleaner, more reliable and efficient grid; and presents a vision of the future of energy: “Inter-energy.”

Best Practices for Securing SCADA Systems in the Electric Power Industry

SCADA systems are at the heart of power system operation. Hence, their potential vulnerability is core to electric power resilience. For almost 10 years, Hoffman created hundreds of marketing and technical documents for industry leader Symantec. Many of these, including this paper, covered ways to enhance the cybersecurity of various electric power systems.

Get to Zero Incidents: Your Goal. Our Mission.

Hardening against cybersecurity attacks is part of electric power resilience. Over the last 6 years, Hoffman has produced more than 100 marketing and technical documents for Unisys – many of which address cybersecurity in the electric power industry. This executive overview on the Unisys Stealth product describes how this product addresses the cybersecurity of SCADA systems and smart grid components.

Cost-Effective, Non-Invasive Systems for Reducing Commercial Energy Costs

Energy efficiency is a key strategic enabler of resilience, as well as decarbonization. This paper describes how energy can be managed like an asset, rather than a liability; outlines initial steps businesses can take to develop energy saving strategies; and summarizes online building automation systems.

Enterprise Management and Support in the Utility Industry

Over a 6-year period, Hoffman created hundreds of documents for enterprise software leader SAP. Several of these covered the company’s enterprise resource planning and other corporate software and services in the energy and utilities vertical. Hoffman prepared this brochure to describe how its flagship mySAP suite of products provides value in this vertical.

AMI and DA Convergence: Energy Savings via Voltage Conservation

The convergence of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA) is providing opportunities for beneficial power grid modernization. Hardening power systems against wildfires and extreme weather also involves grid modernization. This paper covers one aspect of AMI and DA convergence: voltage conservation for energy savings.

Manage Utility IEDs Remotely while Complying with NERC CIP

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC’s) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards are an important part of addressing the cybersecurity threat to electric power system resilience. This paper describes how remote management of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) complicates NERC CIP compliance.