How You Benefit

Content, Communication, and Clients

Communities, utilities, energy users, and regulatory agencies seek enhanced electric power system resilience to wildfires, extreme weather, and other threats via a range of tactical and strategic solutions. At the same time, they seek to decarbonize without compromising electric power reliability and affordability. These needs present challenges for the industry that enterprises can help solve. Hoffman provides equipment manufacturers, consulting firms, software and service providers, utilities, associations, and other stakeholders the written, graphical, and video content they need to better meet these needs.


Hoffman helps a broad array of industry stakeholders enhance their thought-leadership materials, including client reports, white papers,  presentations and webinars, and infographics, as well as proposals, blogs, testimony, websites and social media, marketing collateral, trade articles, and more. This enables them to:

  • Further establish thought leadership on resilience solutions (e.g., microgrids) and other critical issues
  • Better differentiate their solutions, services, member content, and customer/client communications
  • Enhance credibility and reputation in their marketplaces, for their members, and for their customers/clients
  • Better articulate the value proposition and other messaging for their solutions to enhance resilience and meet other critical needs


Hoffman helps industry stakeholders improve their written, graphical, and video communications on resilience and other critical issues with communities, energy users, utilities, members, regulatory agencies, shareholders, employees, contractors, the media, and the public. This enables them to:

  • Improve RFP and RFI responses
  • Enhance regulatory testimony
  • Enhance corporate communications
  • Improve customer communications
  • Better target existing clients and prospects
  • Improve positioning with the media and social media


Hoffman content and communication services help microgrid developers and other resilience solution providers diversify clients, increase practice size and market reach, and increase revenue. This enables them to:

  • Better access the emerging multi-customer, community microgrid market
  • Further establish corporate leadership
  • Broaden collaboration with communities, energy users, partners, and others
  • Meet corporate social equity, sustainability, and environmental goals