How You Benefit

Content, Communication, and Clients

Every electric utility and most cities in America want to be more resilient to wildfires, extreme weather, cybersecurity attacks, and other threats. Hoffman helps you better capitalize on this very large market opportunity. Learn how.


We enhance your resilience marketing and sales materials, corporate communications, testimony, proposals, social media, presentations, client reports, and more. This enables you to:

  • Further establish thought leadership on resilience solutions
  • Better differentiate your resilience solutions from competitors
  • Enhance your credibility and reputation in the resilience marketplace
  • Better articulate your value proposition on resilience


We improve your written and visual communication about resilience with utilities, communities, regulators, project partners, investors, employees, contractors/suppliers, the media, and the public. This enables you to:

  • Improve your RFP responses
  • Enhance your regulatory testimony
  • Enhance your corporate communications
  • Better target your existing clients and prospects
  • Better position your firm with the media and in social media


Our content and communication services help diversify your client base, grow your resilience consulting practice or market penetration, and increase client revenue. This helps you:

  • Capitalize on the potential client market of over 3000 US utilities and over 3000 US communities that need enhanced resilience to wildfires or extreme weather
  • Further establish leadership in existing and emerging markets for resilience
  • Broaden collaboration with communities, partners, and others

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