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Hoffman Article on Microgrid Barriers and Solutions Featured on Microgrid Knowledge

Firm Describes How Microgrid Developers Can Overcome Institutional and Financial Challenges

Microgrid Knowledge today featured a Hoffman Power Consulting (HPC) article on ways that microgrid developers and their partners can overcome institutional and financial challenges that limit project approval and implementation. The article is based on the HPC’s assessment of microgrids completed in September.
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Microgrid Knowledge Highlights Hoffman White Paper on “Oasis” Community Microgrids

Industry-Leading Website Summarizes Hoffman’s Resilience Solution

In a new article on its home page, Microgrid Knowledge today described Hoffman Power Consulting’s (HPC) evaluation of “oasis” community microgrids. The article summarizes HPC’s recently released white paper on the topic: “What on Earth is an ‘Oasis’ Community Microgrid?
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Hoffman Power Consulting Article Featured on Microgrid Knowledge

CEO’s Article Asks: “Can a Microgrid Be a Resilience Superhero?”

Microgrid Knowledge today featured a Hoffman Power Consulting (HPC) article on the resilience benefits of microgrids. The article, which is based on the in-depth assessment of microgrids HPC conducted earlier in 2020, will continue to run on the home page of the microgrid industry leading website for one week.
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Hoffman White Paper Captures Lessons Learned from Successful Community Microgrids

First-Ever Synthesis of Best Practices Provides a Blueprint for Community Microgrids

Hoffman Power Consulting today released its study that identified “Nine Lessons Learned from Successful Community Microgrids.” The white paper documents best practices that microgrid developers, communities, utilities, business leaders, regulators, and others can use to implement beneficial community microgrids.
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Hoffman Power Consulting Releases Critical Assessment of Microgrids

Report Concludes that Community Microgrids Can Enhance Resilience to Wildfires and Extreme Weather

Hoffman Power Consulting today released its “Critical Assessment of the ‘Big Three’ Types of Microgrids.” Synthesizing 180 recent documents, the reference guide provides insights into the microgrid business and show how community microgrids can enhance electric power resilience to wildfires and extreme weather.
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Hoffman Power Consulting Is a Virtual Exhibitor at the Microgrid 2020 Global Conference

Firm Will Present its Industry-Leading Insights on Community Microgrids at the November Summit

Hoffman Power Consulting announced today it will join thousands of other global microgrid and resilience thought leaders as a virtual exhibitor at the Microgrid 2020 Global Conference. Organized by Microgrid Knowledge, the three-day event November 17-19 builds on the successful June 2020 Microgrid Conference.
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Hoffman Power Offers Unique Perspective on Electric Power Resilience to Wildfires

New Approach to Resilience Could Bolster California Electric Utilities’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans

As Australia’s bushfires are contained and the California 2020 wildfire season approaches, Hoffman Power Consulting is offering a new approach for enhancing resilience and minimizing pre-emptive public safety power shutoffs (PSPSs). This “no regrets” strategy is described in Hoffman’s report on Beyond Resilience.
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