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Hoffman provides strategic consulting on resilience, including cross-sector resilience, and mission-critical issues to leading energy industry clients. We deliver custom thought-leadership content that our clients use to launch initiatives and consolidate their internal expertise.

NEW!  Hoffman produces low-cost, high-quality, live action video for electric power industry clients. See samples. See our article on The New Era of Video.

cross-sector resilience

What’s New

In-Depth Video for Leading Consulting Firm

YouTube video

Hoffman produced this webinar-length, live-action video to educate and inform electric utilities on the benefits of “dynamic rate” programs.
View the video here.

Affordable, Custom, Live-Action Video

YouTube video

Hoffman produced this custom, live-action video at an affordable price point, on time and on budget.
View the video here.

Schneider Electric Semiconductor Fab Guide

Hoffman produced this guide to demonstrate Schneider Electric’s thought leadership and expertise in the semiconductor fabrication industry.
See the Schneider guide.

Schneider Electric “Grid to Prosumer” Guide

Hoffman developed this industry-leading guide, which describes an approach and solutions to conduct distributed energy resource (DER) management. See the Schneider guide.

How You Benefit


We help you build bridges across your sector-based projects, programs, and initiatives by incorporating innovative cross-sector resilience aspects that maximize value for your clients.
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We develop your written, infographic, and video content to better differentiate your solutions, services, thought leadership, marketing, and member relations.
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We improve your communication with communities, energy users, utilities, members, regulatory agencies, shareholders, employees, contractors, the media, and the public on resilience and other critical issues.
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  • Cross-sector resilience
  • Community resilience
  • Grid resilience
  • Climate risk management


  • Water-energy nexus
  • Building energy management
  • Electric transportation
  • Industrial clusters

Business Opportunities

  • Data management, analytics
  • Digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Prosumer enablement