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Hoffman is Exhibitor at Microgrid
2020 Conference

November 17-19, 2020
Virtual Exhibitor

Visit our virtual booth in November!

Hoffman Featured on Microgrid Knowledge

Microgrid as Resilience Superhero?

Learn how microgrids can enhance resilience to wildfires and extreme weather, not only by islanding but in several other ways. Read the article here.

How You Benefit


We enhance your thought leadership and business content to better differentiate your microgrid and resilience solutions
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We help improve your microgrid and resilience communication with communities, energy users, utilities, regulatory agencies, partners, investors, employees, contractors, the press, and the public
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We help you diversify your client base; grow your microgrid or resilience consulting practice or market reach; and increase client revenue
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We Know Microgrids

We know wildfires, extreme weather, and cybersecurity. We use our microgrid expertise to produce
client-tailored thought leadership and marketing materials.

Our Microgrid Expertise

Microgrid Business Issues

  • Microgrid market
  • Microgrid drivers
  • Microgrid value proposition
  • Impact of COVID-19

Microgrid Best Practices

  • Community microgrids
  • Oasis microgrids
  • Clean energy microgrids
  • Integrating energy efficiency

Microgrids and Resilience

  • Wildfires, extreme weather
  • Social equity and resilience
  • Microgrid regulatory activity
  • Communication best practices

Let’s talk resilience